Tanning Lotions

Treat your skin to vitamins and moisture



Bottle £14

Sachet £2.50

Accelerator, the #1 Indoor Tanning Lotion worldwide. This exotic blend is a super tanning formula, which allows your natural pigmentation process to tan as fast as nature allows! What’s more, infused with Dark Tanning Omega Oils, the Biosine Complex® Blend, Vitamins A and E, Natural Extracts, and the CellMoist™ Complex for deep dark colour and healthy youthful skin.
This product is one of Australian Gold’s best and it has been selling for over 25 years! The formula just works. It is one of our best selling products – a staple product for any tanning salon. We always recommend this one for those looking for a good introductory lotion: it is very affordable, no bronzers and is a great moisturiser. It also features the classic Cocoa Dreams Australian Gold fragrance that customers all over the world find particularly memorable. Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams


Accelerator Extreme

Bottle £20

Sachet £3

  • Intense DHA Bronzer Blend: DHA is flawlessly blended with Natural Bronzers that provide instant colour results and delayed, darker longer-lasting bronze hue

  • Echinacea Extract: Pure Extract that provides powerful antioxidant properties that help nourish and condition skin for overall improved skin appearance

  • Biosine Complex®: Advanced combination of ingredients soothe, soften and moisturize for maximum tanning results

  • Skin Softening Blend: Mixture of Oils, Vitamins and Aloe Vera nourish and moisturize for a hydrated, radiant glow

  • Classic CocoaDreams fragrance


Trouble Maker

Bottle £24
Sachet £4

  • 25X Radically Dark Bronzer: Combination of DHA and Coconut Oil that are perfectly blended for seamless even coverage and gradually developed dark colour

  • Purple Power Combo: Fig and Acai Berry Extracts combine to combat free radicals and provide skin with a dazzling, youthful appearance

  • Selfish Skin Softener: Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel

  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a radiant, youthful glow

  • Features a unique purple lotion colour (no staining involved!)

  • Get in trouble with this Bodacious Berry fragrance


Dark Side

Bottle £27

Sachet £4

  • 30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzer: Fusion of DHA and Macadamia Oil, perfectly blended for seamless even coverage and gradually built dark colour

  • Colour Alliance Blend: Balanced blend of Black Truffle and White Tea Extracts help to purify and revive for improved skin appearance

  • Selfish Skin Softener: A decadent dose of Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel.

  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a radiant, youthful glow

  • Fragrance: Bourbon Berry


Adorably Black

Bottle £28

Sachet £4

  • 35X Delightfully Dark Bronzer: Combination of DHA and Natural Bronzers that are perfectly blended for seamless even coverage and gradually developed dark colour

  • Beet & Berry Smoothie: Scrumptious blend of Beet Root and Raspberry Extracts help to improve skin tone and combat free radicals for a dazzling appearance

  • Selfish Skin Softener: Decadent dose of Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel

  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a radiant, youthful glow

  • Drink up this Wild Berry Punch fragrance


Deviously Black

Bottle £29

Sachet £4

Sometimes being devious isn’t a bad thing. 45X Ruthlessly Dark Dominant instant Bronzers deliver natural dark colour while working with DHA for a longer, delayed golden hue. What’s more, quench skin’s thirst with Twisted Skincare Cocktail (infused with Absinthe Extract, Vitamins and Oils) which nourishes deeply for an alluring sinfully soft skin. Enticing Hemp Seed Oil hydrates for a radiant, tantalising glow. Others will need to proceed with caution, as your Deviously Black ™ colour is hard to ignore! Captivate with this mesmerising Oasis fragrance. 250 ml.



Bottle £40

Sachet £5

Time to get HOT This super-charged intensifier contains the exclusive premium oils that amplify and magnify tanning rays for the darkest tan possible. Extreme level of 10 different vitamins for healthy looking skin. Essential Nutrient Oils (Pure oils transfer important components to the skin) for the darkest colour possible. High concentration of Aloe Vera promotes a rich, dark tan while it moisturises, soothes and heals the skin. Vitamin C is the strong antioxidant that helps protect from fine lines and wrinkles. “Classic Cocoa Dreams” fragrance. 250 ml.


Pink Diamond

Bottle £25

Sachet £3

This dazzlingly original tingle bronzer, Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond, has been polished and shined to reveal its ultimate sparkle.
Featuring its original T2 tingle power, this tanning “gem” has an updated look with a new, more moisturising feel! Additionally, T2 Tingle Bronzer with Carat Complex is a bronzing combination that provides a deep, underlying dark tone to enhance your tingle colour. Also, Firming and Toning Blend of Caffeine and Allantoin tone and firm the skin by helping to stimulate tissue growth. What’s more, Polished Smooth Skin blends a unique trio of ingredients to help condition, heal and soothe to keep your tingle at the perfect balance of comfort and colour. Also Flawless Finish Moisture 3 new super moisturisers promote a glowing bronze for any skin type. With TanFresh Blend.